Change recode * to the host's IP

Plugin WP Super Subdomains – create Subdomains in second !

Dear all !

Plugin WP Super Subdomains is the best subdomains plugin for WordPress than ever ! It can config your category, tag, author name or Page to subdomain, it great to create login page ( ) or help page ( ) or also your forum ( ) and run fast, no SQL query !

I spent 2 days to create WP Super Subdomains with many functions that other plugin can not have, and in this post i will tell you step by step to turn your blog to Multisite without WordPress multisite 😀

Your domain config first

Eg: You have a web hosting with IP

Please go to domain Cpanel and config Recode (*) to that IP ( )

Change recode * to the host's IP
Change recode * to the host’s IP

Now check your host

Some host doesn’t allow to create many subdomain or , if you can not config it, please use VPS or Server ! You can test by go to “”, if host return default page, Perhap it doesn’t allow You to create subdomain !

Next, Install Wp Super Subdomains

Okey, if you ready to install, go to WordPress plugin page to download Wp Super Subdomains and install it, nothing would happen during install process !

After that, don’t forget plugin’s setting page

Okey, bynow a new menu appear, you can see it by go to SETTING > SUBDOMAIN

Now you can see all options, remember something:

  1. If your homepage URL is you are done, if  not, please go to Setting > General and change it to WWW. because sometime plugin doesn’t understand your homepage ( ) with Category homepage ( ) so  plugin force you to do that, if not, you can not active this plugin !
  2. If your permalink is not like /%category%/%postname%.html You also can not save setting and plugin won’t work, Your Post’s URL will like “” and if you do not set your permalink like example, it will conflict with other setting !

If all above is sloved, you now can save plugin setting and your category, tags and user turn to new domain, depend on your setting !

How Your subdomain look like ?

  1. If turn on subdomains for Category, all the category will be “” and Now, All your post will like “” or “”
  2. If turn on for tag, all the tag will be “”
  3. If turn on for author, all author slug will be “”
  4. If turn on for Pages, Page’s slug will be “”

Can harm your SEO ?

I do not know, if you install Wp Super Subdomains and turn all on, i use redirect 301 to tell browser to redirect to new URL, academically, it can not harm your SEO !

What happen if i have a category name, author name is the same ?

Remember, this plugin check subdomain in order:

  1. If Subdomain = category, go and stop, else continue
  2. If Subdomain = tag, go and stop, else continue
  3. If Subdomain = author, go and stop, else continue
  4. If Subdomain = Page, go and stop, else redirect to 404 page !

So if category name “JAM” and author name “JAM”, your domain will have two slug “” and “”, but this plugin will think that is category instead author name, and remember for other case, if you allow user to register, please write a function to check if subdomain avalable or not !

Can i use this plugin with HTTPS ?

Maybe Yes, i use double slash in URL so browser can know what to do, if https is turn on, it will be https ! Please test and tell me !

I want to create login page in subdomain ?

Yes, please create page with “login” slug and you now can login by going to “” but, you have to do more in wp-config.php file:

Adding this code to any where in wp-config.php file:

define( 'COOKIE_DOMAIN', '' );
define( 'ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH', '/' );

This define will allow you to share cookie data in all Subdomain, so once login in, you can go every where in your domain and of course you are still logged in !

Error server DNS address could not be found

Remember: This error happend when:

  1. Cache DNS in Windows, please “flush DNS”
  2. Error when domain updating DNS, it need more time to update
  3. Cache in Browser like Chrome or Firefox
  4. Check your DNS config in Domain, please point all to IP ( Eg: ) instead of Cname like “”
  5. Some Share hosting do NOT allow you to create subdomain, so check it again !

What’s more ?

This plugin will come with extra functions, so please tell me if you like this plugin do what in the future !

And, do not forget to give me a cup of coffe in donate button in WP super Subdomains Setting Page !

Thanks all and Good day !


Tôi là Jam, thâm niên 7 năm thiết kế website và làm SEO. Hãy theo dõi blog của tôi để nhận được nhiều chia sẻ thú vị xung quanh chủ đề công nghệ.

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  1. Hello JV,

    Thank you for this plugin! You saved my day.

    In a strange way, the subdomains are working without www in front.

    With www it loops forever to

    Any ideas?

    Best regards,

        1. Dear my friend !
          I have tested and everything seem to be okey, i do not know why your website stuck in redirect loop, so please tell me more detail, eg: you can turn on debug mode to find out any error in website !

  2. Anh tư vấn xem nên dùng Host cấu hình như nào để chạy plugin này với. Hiện em đang chạy thử trên shared host, directadmin, mà khi taọ sub toàn báo lỗi Apache is functioning normally.

  3. Hi, thank you for the great plugin.

    I have used another one, but it is no longer supported, and left my website very slow because I have a lot of categories turned in subdomains. With your plugin, the speed problem seems to be solved.

    But I faced with a new problem with your plugin (which I don’t have with the other one): when I use widget to list categories, the widget create a strange url scheme for each category if I use child categories.

    For example, I have / / and they works great. But when I click on these categories on “category widget” the links of them are not but (because “sub1” is a child category from “maincategory”). I would like to have the URL to be pointed to “” instead “”. How to fix that?

    Thank you very much!

  4. Thank you very much for update. I will update it soon to test it again.

    A feature that I have missing which a similar plugin has is ability to choose a specific category to point to an alternative page.

    For example, all categories points to HOME GENERAL page (setup on options).
    Subdomain -> Page -> Home General -> Home General -> Home General

    But how can I change for example from “” to point to an alternative page?

    It would be great if each category could have a selector to choose what page must be linked as homepage on that category.

    This is the plugin which I’m referring:

    In plugin settings, we can choose the subdomain to select which page it will display when accessed.

    Can you add this feature, or let me know if there is any hack to allow that with your plugin?

    Thank you very much!

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