Admin can go to User > Edit Profile to add allowing category to user's profile

Restrict Author Posting plugin

My Customer asked me to create a plugin to restrict the author to post in only one category, that’s time i wrote this plugin, but my friend said to me that it need to add multi-category for multi-purpose, and suitable for all my customers !

Download this plugin from !

My plugin will help you to restrict author in your blog post in just some category, see the screenshots below:

Admin can go to User > Edit Profile to add allowing category to user's profile
Admin can go to User > Edit Profile to add allowing categories to user’s profile
And editor/author that's been restricted will see just some alowing categories
And editor/author that’s been restricted will see just some alowing categories

If you want to remove the restriction from an author account, then simply visit their user profile again and scroll down to the Restrict Author Post to a category section. This time you need to unselect all categories to remove the restriction.

*> New update in Version 2.1, now you can restrict author using his/her own file only in Media Page:

Checkebox to allow User using all media file or his/her own media file
Checkebox to allow User using all media file or his/her own media file

I hope this article helped you restrict authors to specific categories on your WordPress site.

If you like my plugin, please make a donation !


Tôi là Jam, thâm niên 7 năm thiết kế website và làm SEO. Hãy theo dõi blog của tôi để nhận được nhiều chia sẻ thú vị xung quanh chủ đề công nghệ.

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  1. Hi man!
    I like your plugin “restrict author posting” but i want to suggest you upgrades:

    + The user can post to specific category you select to restrict. (ok)
    – but… The user can view other categories posts and edit them without problem.
    – but… The user can view all created pages and can edit them!

    In resume: Can you upgrade this plugin to simply restrict a specific user to create and edit posts in a single (or more) categories WITH limitation to view others posts from others categories and to “hide” pages that are not allowed to see and edit.

    I hope this can help you.


    Marcelo Almada

    1. Dear Sir !
      Thanks you so much for suggesting me some of feature !
      Because before you install this plugin, authors ( i mean user with Author Role ) maybe posted something to other Category, so they must be allow to edit or delete them !
      To avoid User Edit or delete other Post, you may reduce User Role in user’s profile to “Author” or “Contributer” to simply restrict him/her from editing other user’s Post !
      If i am wrong, please tell me more, i simply add small code to plugin to suite your need !

      Thanks You !

  2. Hi,

    I enabled the module in WP 4.3.1, and it seems to have bug with the wp-admin/profile.php, because I cannot use the “Generate Password” button, and in inspect element, there are many jquery errors. After disabling it, the button worked again.

    Please kindly check and fix it. Thanks for an awesome module!

  3. This plugin works pretty good up to the moment, when the user that was restricted to a category creates a post, without a check-mark on that category and presses the update button. In this case the post will be published in the default category that this user didn’t have credentials to publish in.
    Maybe there are more solutions to this problem, but I would like to mention 2 here:
    1. Disable the update button unless the user chooses a category.
    2. If user is restricted to a category, the first one in the list will be chosen as a default for that user if he didn’t chose the category he wants to publish in.

  4. hi Matey! I love this pluggin, I think its awesome! I found a small bug, If I assign a category to a user, its amazing, but If i delete the category, an error pops up. If this is a bug you might be able to fix il send a donation off to you matey 🙂

  5. Hi Jam,

    I just installed WP 4.5 and installed your plugin only. When I go to look up users, I am unable to see any plugin. Also there is no longer a button to update user profiles and generate new password button does not work. When I deactivate the plugin it works again. Please help.

    Thank you

  6. I downloaded and installed this plugin and am recieving an error msg of
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() in /home/pbnr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/restrict-author-posting/restrict-author-posting.php on line 135

    Can you tell me what I need to do to fix this?

  7. Good, you could create a shortcode so that it can integrate with the plugin FrontierPost because with frontierpost assumes command, perhaps putting the shortcode in the form page Frontierpos the problem is solved.
    Thanks in advance.

    Buenas, podría crear un shortcode para poderlo integrar con el plugin de FrontierPost, ya que con frontierpost asume el mando, quizás poniendo el shortcode en la página del formulario de Frontierpos se soluciona el problema.
    Gracias de antemano.

  8. We are running the latest WP plugin. We have running about 25 plugins Some of which are part of a package for our theme. When I use Author Category plugin, their settings show up in the user profile. However, I do not see any of your plugin’s settings popular under that user info.

    Is there a way for you to look into this?

  9. Dear Jam,
    I appreciate very much your plugin (just a little donation has already been made), but I have a special request for you. As I have to copy lots of users from a SQL server to WP mysql table, and While I do it I create a separate category for each user and I would like each user could post only inside his own category. I made a script to move the users but I do not know how to add the flag “Restrict the categories in which this user can post to” automatically. Can you please suggest me where the flag is located (in a MySql table ? if so which one and where ?). Or isthere a tool to make a massive connection between user and its own category ? Thanks and best regards. Leonardo Pesaresi – Italy

  10. hello when i use it i get this error message

    Call to undefined function mb_convert_encoding() in /home/joeyspeaks/public_html/wp-content/plugins/restrict-author-posting/restrict-author-posting.php on line 145

  11. Hello,
    We are trying to use this plugin on a WPMU install. The tool only works for network admin level. Is there any way to have this available to a site admin?
    Thank you!

  12. Thank you and congratulations. This plugin meets my needs exactly. I would simply like to be able to assign the same authorized categories to several authors at once, in a single operation. Perhaps an idea? Thank you very much.

  13. Hex Jam,
    I like your plugin, because it is exactly what I need. It would be nice to have the categories hierarchy even when there is a restiction.
    For Example:
    Normal view ist (without the leading checkboxes)
    ..child-item 1
    ..child-item 2

    view with restriction
    checked item (maybe child-item 2)
    child-item 1

    Parent and children are on the same level, sort-order is lost. So I’m afraid to confuse my users …

    Thanks and best regards

  14. Please forget my previous post. It seems to be the normal WordPress behaviour. Looks strange to me, but is not your assignment.

    Sorry and best regards

    btw: I could send you .po/.mo files for German translation if you like.

  15. Hello, congratulations on this great plugin. But somehow it doesn’t work properly with the plugin “Events Made Easy”. Here I can select all categories and edit existing entries in other categories. Many thanks in advance

  16. Hi,
    Not sure I’m posting my comment in the right place since I cannot understand the language the website uses. Any way, you have created a wonderful plugin. It took me a while to find it. Unfortunately, it contradicts in functionality with Polylang (Version 2.2.5, By Frédéric Demarle). My website is multi-lingual and once I install your plugin the functionality of Polylang is disrupted. If I post in language 1, publish it, then I click on + in Polylang to publish the same post in another language, the link is lost! The posts are no longer related.

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